Combat Lifestyle

July 4th, 2016 Fight Tyme Live launched the first cyber Combat Sports Network dedicated to the lifestyle, training, news, combat athletes,  culture, and business model of Combat Sports. Fight Tyme Live is unique in essence because it brings the best in Combat Sports such as Boxing, MMA, Archery, Traditional Martial Arts, Body Building, Jujitsu, and more; directly to your Mobile Devices, Smart TVs, and Connected TV Devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon FireStick. We welcome you to our greatest year yet as we journey into 2018 we introduce to you all new fights, shows, movies, interviews, news, concerts, and even more Pay-Per-Stream events which will help you identify with our Combat Sports lifestyle and broaden your horizons.

Our “Fighter Connect Series 2018” opens with the new reality based talk show devoted specifically to Combat Sports lifestyle and personal interests – “Fighter Connect”.

Its main point will concern different stories, lifestyles, hobbies, personal trends and interests, including the strangest and the most exotic ones relating to Combat Sports. From usual everyday fighting citizens to wealthy Combat Sports celebrities – everyone will have their word on our show.

March will be a remarkable month for the fans of Amateur Boxing as we Pay-Per-Stream broadcast the Toledo Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Series from boxing’s historical city of (Toledo, OH). Fight Tyme’s new hit series called “Legendary Ones” will be on air from April – July 2018, covering the legendary athletes, promoters, entrepreneurs, etc. of the Combat Sports realm.

Watch in November an intriguing battle between various professional men and women Combat Sports athletes from around the globe which will be aired on Fight Tyme Live as we engage in our 2nd Annual “Remembering Our Fallen Officers” charity boxing Gala. Last year the gala was held in the magnificient city of Atlanta, GA. This year Fight Tyme will be taking the gala to the city of brotherly love in Philadelphia, PA.

Celebrate the New Year and bring in 2019 with Fight Tyme’s Special New Years Eve broadcast live from Las Vegas, NV. We will recap the wonderful 2018 year as well as hang out with top Combat Sports celebrities, influencers, fans, brands, and more! What Time Is It? It’s #FightTyme!

If you want to share the peculiarities of your Combat Sports lifestyle with the world on Fight Tyme, contact us via our form on our website or write our producers an e-mail.